• Alexis Hollowell vs Sarai Niu at PGF 16U Nationals

    Video: Alexis Holloway & Sarai Niu

    If a picture’s worth a 1,000 words, then what’s a video worth?  10,000? 100,000? Earlier today I posted “My 2014 All-Summer Team” and coincidentally was going through some...

  • Jenna winds up during the 5A semifinal win over Ponte Vedra in which she was the winning pitcher.

    Player Profile: Jenna Goodrich

    Earlier this summer I saw the Gold Coast Hurricanes play and the talk around the team was around a sunglasses-wearing pitcher and why she was still on the...

  • Rachel Garcia

    My 2014 All-Summer Team

    The summer club season came to an end with the finals of the PGF Nationals a week ago, but there was a lot of great softball from all...

  • Ashton Lampton Swing 610 x 400

    Player Profile: Ashton Lampton

    Everybody loves a winner and today’s spotlight shines brightly on a Mississippi infielder who’s won five high school state championships and has one more year to go!  She’s...

  • Makinzy Herzog (Texas Bombers) screenshot 610 x 400

    Video: FSU-bound Makinzy Herzog

    As I was walking between fields at PGF 18U Nationals a few weeks ago, I saw a girl in a “Florida State” t-shirt throwing a football (pretty darn...

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